The Urban Construction Craft Academy is an inter-generational construction training program, which connects the skills of experienced master craftsmen to a new generation of urban youth who have been marginalized by existing social systems.

The Academy promotes a specific construction curriculum, which will also contain leadership training and business development.  This Academy was created in response to the high rate of displacement among the twenty-two to twenty-eight age population and the absence of skilled professionals in the construction industry.

The Academy not only emphasizes the tradition of high-quality craftsmanship but highlights the implementation of sustainable products, green technology, and the resulting long-term environmental impact of construction practices.  The program participants are residents from Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

UCCA was founded in 2011 by William Dozier of Dozier and Dozier Construction, Inc., and has provided traditional transitional job placement as well as second chance opportunity jobs and training in the field of construction.

The UCCA enhanced jobs programs combine technology, personal growth, character building, and highly qualified (state-certified personnel) mentors from the construction industry, certified teachers, counselors, and administrators, to provide hands-on experiences for individuals looking to transition into the workforce.

The ultimate goal of UCCA is to develop skilled tradesmen and women who can eventually become entrepreneurs in the local and global labor market.  For new participants to receive opportunities for career advancement in the construction industry the Dozier and Dozier Construction Academy, a non -profit 501(c)(3) formed its subdivision academy called Urban Construction Craft Academy.